“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop”     - Rumi


Gillian has been working with various forms of movement and bodies for over 30 years. In a lifetime of teaching and learning that has included authoring DVD’s, training athletes, and rehabilitating injuries, she is complemented for her creativity, her innate ability to read people, her warm attentive style and her decidedly crazy sense of humour.


Laden with warm humour and insight, infused with Daoist wisdom and real life metaphors, Gillian teaches a practice which brings more meaning and connection to our lives.  A method to truly see ourselves and the world around us. Exposing our habits, our perspectives, and our rituals. Enabling us access to the abundant energy around us and to the information of the universe.


She has been profoundly affected by her recent studies of Katonah Yoga® and is on a mission to blend a culmination of what she knows to be true, with the magic of this incredibly intelligent material.


In private therapeutic sessions, classes, intensives and beautiful destination retreats we will gather to: 

- move our bodies into a greater sense of ease 

- allow our minds to align with great nature's intelligence

- nurture a deeper state of intrinsic balance


It's about knowing that the universe is perfect.... it's functioning and fitting....and yoga gives me a technique to participate in that intelligence. - Nevine Michaan, Founder Katonah Yoga®


Feed your imagination. Expand your vision.  Inspire your potential .




How can you soothe yourself yet still become become empowered?  

Comfortable rooms, delicious organic meals, hiking through nature und much more await you at these retreats. Read more...