Free Your Wild Heart

Gillian is a certified KATONAH YOGA® teacher, and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® and has been working worldwide, with various forms of movement and sports for over 30 years. This Australian-born mother of three, is a successful DVD author, former Nike Elite Athlete and sought after presenter and personal coach, as well as the owner and founder of Lumines Yoga.


In a lifetime of teaching and learning that has included training celebrities, athletes, and rehabilitating injuries, she practices and studies many of the great yoga traditions she has been exposed to.


Gillian invites you to investigate the multiple layers of yourself. By introducing a form of measurement which reveals habitual patterns, thoughts and imprinted experiences, there can be an energetic shift. A freedom that leads to peace, insight and an environment where the body can potentially self-heal.


"When you are able to find safety within yourself. When you no longer look to others for approval, permission, or for your identity. When you can stand fully in both your humility and your greatness. This is what your practice can give you.

Laden with warm humour and insight, infused with Daoist wisdom and real life metaphors, Gillian teaches a practice which brings more meaning and connection to life.  Using her innate ability to read people and her warm attentive style she teaches us to truly embrace not just ourselves, but the world and universe which surrounds us. 



Feed your imagination. Expand your vision.  Inspire your potential .


How can you soothe yourself yet still become become empowered?

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