The most beautiful place on earth is right inside your heart.

Gillian is an artist and creative thinker, who hopes to leave the world a little brighter than she found it. Her people are soul-searchers, deep feelers, and big-hearted dreamers who crave inner peace and inner truth. Helping them take good care of their hearts is her mission because those beautiful hearts will light up the world.


On weekend programs and beautiful destination retreats you can experience her unique approach to yoga and meditation. Laden with insights and humour, Tao theory and real life metaphors, the practice brings more meaning and connection to your life, inside and out.



Come along and fill yourself up, so you can share your own beautiful self with everyone around you. 

Find your path. Free your spirit. Tune into your soul.




How can you soothe yourself yet still become become empowered? Whether you are new to yoga or an advanced yogi, you will be given tools to practice and inform your body and spirit. Learn how to recognize your patterns, your habits, so that you can reorganize and restructure yourself. Become more capable of enhancing your wellbeing. 

Comfortable rooms, delicious organic meals, hiking through nature und much more await you at this retreat. Read more...