Remember dancing in the rain?

jumping in puddles?


laughing, running free, 

without a care in the world? 


Before you judged yourself or were judged by others?


Remember when you weren’t ashamed of who you were? 

Afraid of where life was taking you?   

There was a time

when you didn't care what you looked like

running through the wet grass 


You did it because it felt good...

it felt like flying 


You were 









"Awaken to your voice. your truth. your belonging. let your song make its way to the surface to breathe - for this is an offering that only you can bring forth to the world"     - danielle doby


The exercises in this course are designed to get you moving. Out of your comfort zone and deeper into yourself. The wilderness within. To awaken what you need and desire.


You will weave and wrap a path to your inner-most self. Become more familiar with speaking your truth, Recognize and follow the nudges and signals from the universe. In order to share your gift. Your voice. You need to share.


I carry layers of imperfection that when woven together create the hue of my wholeness. - danielle doby


You will bravely explore your boundaries and learn from your memories. You will claim space for your grief and ignite your joy.


In short: you will unravel. 


When we live from the center of our own wild hearts we begin to inhabit space in a whole new way. And from that space of truth, anything is possible. In love. In work. In all of life.


We acknowledge the awesomeness of the universe and its sacred geometry. Its ability to create patterns which show up over and over again. Then we can open ourselves up to our own possibilities, our own potential. Give ourselves the freedom to live more fully. 


'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson