let me remind you


dear one

of your elemental power


you are the




and root



are your sun



own center of gravity




and fall

for you


you are connected 

to the very source

of all that surrounds you



- danielle doby




Be grateful for your mirrors. the colorful souls in your life


feel worthy of your surroundings

learning to belong. to yourself. now. and now again.

be the person you want to do the work with

share yourself with the collective




PAST. it does not show strength when you carry the burden. Behind you. does not define who you are. it waters your roots and prepares you for where you are going. when we let our stories exist we invite others to see themselves more clearly 

PRESENT. keep leaning IN. full breathe strong pulse. my heart travels between the freedom to go and the urge to stay.

POTENTIAL. keep making room for the adventure.  intoxicating. fall hard and often in this space of expanding



1. SOURCE to be connected to where all rises from is to be connected to the very ground I stand on, my foundation

2. FLUIDITY i am a clear channel tending to the fluid movement of my own river of expression

3. THE HEART I honour the rise and fall of my feelings without numbing or resisting their teachings

4. WONDER i create a vision when i am able to move from a space of inquiry.

5. SONG i invite my song to the surface to breathe. this is an offering only i can bring forth in the world

6. FREEDOM its there in the wide open space. i hold the power to create something that has yet to exist

7. TRUST when I try to control I separate myself from trusting the nature of it all.

8. I AM WHAT YOU ARE your legacy has watered the earth I continue to rise from

9. TRUTH to be a seeker of the light is to be connected to the very truth itself

10. I will not mold and fold in the name of beauty.




Daily mindfulness practice - daily journal entry  5-10 min

Complete all assignments

Partake in 80% of classes.


Exact costs may vary, but here's a look at what you can expect:



  • group sessions (minimun 10 participants): 15 Hour Credits: 350 € per person.
  • hotel costs and transportation