Women’s Practice: Shine On Yoga 



Taking time to be aware of what’s going on for you: in your body and with your emotions, is the key to getting the most from what yoga can offer you, all through your life.


Yoga has important elements for all phases of a woman’s life. During times of radical hormonal changes, women feel less inclined to practice, but that’s when we need it most! Your body releases chemicals during yoga that bring you a sense of well-being and contentment.

Adapting your yoga practice to meet your needs is crucial. While you can enjoy a challenging practice at any age, you get the most physical, emotional and spiritual support from a practice tailored to the stage of life you’re in and how you’re feeling on any given day.



We explore three different types of practices in this workshop, addressing the following needs:


1. How can I regain some energy quickly? 
2. What does a nurturing practice look like for low energy days? 
3. How do I practice effectively to cleanse and center myself, to generate a sense of confidence and well-being?


Women-targeted asanas (proven to be beneficial to women’s bodies and emotions) are successfully blended into creative vinyasa routines. With Gillian, you will learn a new “Goddess Salutation”, some fun variations of Asanas and most importantly; to keep practicing but to go slower, with more attention to your breath, thoughts and sensations.


We spend a great chunk of our lives giving to so many others. It’s about taking time out to care for ourselves, to fill up the well that keeps being emptied”.


About Gillian

Yoga has been a lifelong companion for Gillian. She’s loved all kinds of sports and movement since she was a child, and started doing Hatha yoga in high school. It wasn’t until she started having her own children that she realized how yoga could help her with so many physical and emotional changes.


“I know from experience, not just with myself, but with my students, that at any age or shape, you can transform your body, mind and heart.”


Gillian is the choreographer of Susanne Fröhlich's first Yoga DVD and has produced a Yoga DVD herself: "Shine on Yoga".