Intrinisic Motivation - moving toward your destiny












learn to belong to yourself now and again.


to become the person you want to do the work with


trust yourself to share with the colorful souls in your life













Behind you does not define who you are. It waters your roots and prepares you for where you are going. It does not serve you or show strength to carry the burdon. We share our stories because when we let our stories exist, we invite others to see themselves more clearly. And then we set them free. They fertilize the very soil that we are standing on.



Look in. Lean in. Find full breath, a strong pulse. Living between the in and the out breath is the definition of the present. Not defining ourselves by where we have been or where we want to go. But right now. Savouring the breath. Learning to come back to this moment. Practicing unpacking the ego and letting it lie somewhere else, but not here in this moment. Breathing and breathing again and adding movement to that breath. Listening in to the hearbeat of our bodies. The house of our soul. When we tune into the heart in the moment we hear the struggle between the freedom to go and the urge to stay.



Lies out there somewhere in front of us. But not directly in front of us because the world keeps turning. And so we learn to follow the motion. Up ahead and a little to the right. And we learn that there is no direct line between where we are standing and where we want to go. It zigs and it zags, and very often there are obstacles we may crash into, or tall buildings we need to leap over. But we keep making room for the adventure. It's intoxicating. And we fall hard and often.







Daily morning and evening practice - 10-20 mins

Daily meditation

daily journal entry  5-10 min

Videos and Livestreams of material including: yoga, meditation, interviews, lectures, assignments, nutrition tips, moon phases, seasons (TCM)

Hand outs /Homework (pdf.)

Live Coaching 1-1

Group Coaching calls





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