Dragon Flow and Tao Energy



Dragon Flow is comprised of two opposite but interdependent aspects called Yin and yang. Yang is the sun, the fervent, aggressive, powerful aspect of the universe. Yin is the shade, the nurturing, maternal and gentle aspect of the universe.


In this class you will regulate your breath to a blend of Tai Chi, Yoga and Qigong, for mobility, strength, balance and the discovery of your own unique fountain of energy.


The "Dance" is designed to stimulate and remove blockages from your energy flow (Qi or Prana) through awareness, breath regulation and vigorous movements. Learning the “dance” will challenge you mentally and at some point you may experience the dragon’s fire (when you begin to sweat)


The idea of Qi, which is inherently Chinese, is similar to the Yogic term Prana which is from India.

Both refer to the underlying vital energy of all life and the universe.