"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be" - Lao Tzu

Healing Magic


Designed with special care and attention to detail, these retreats are a window into the world of healing magic – we will address your mind, your heart, your soul and ultimately your health.


Indulge the Senses


You’ll not only be given the opportunity to fine tune and stretch your body, there will be special offerings to indulge the senses - sights, sounds and tastes to help restore your tired body and renew your crowded mind. Think of it as an invitation to breathe a little deeper and align yourself with who your truly are (whilst soaking up the beauty of your stunning surroundings).


Most importantly it’s about laughter and fun and connecting.... to yourself....to the group (should you so choose), with a pinch of adventure thrown in just for good measure. 


Although each venue has slightly different elements, the special details are extremely important and they include: 


  • Beautiful venues, where you will feel your shoulders drop upon entry 

  • Delicious, wholesome food to nourish your body

  • A pool for lounging and catching up on some reading

  • Cozy beds for a restful nights sleep


 Your Soul is Calling


Whether you’ve reached a cross-roads in life and you are questioning your true purpose, or you are seeking a quiet space to write, read or think, or you simply want to immerse yourself in yoga, we invite you.

We invite you to indulge in clarity, insight and joy.

We invite you to remember on this retreat who you really are, before your path in life and the world around you conditioned you to forget.

We invite you to discover what your soul is calling for... 


Mission Statement


Gillian's mission is to help people potentiate their authentic selves, to be able to participate in this awesome experience (life) more freely and fully. And it really is amazing to see the results after a mere 4 days.


We learn to work with all of ourselves. To wander this territory, we use a really good map, pragmatic calculable technique, supportive theoretical material and of course our amazing bodies. Coupled with strong breath and a vivid imagination we become more keenly aware, and potentiate our future development. 




"Wanted to thank you so much for the fantastic yoga retreat! We loved it and plan to attend in Sicily! Your knowledge and expertise in your teaching were phenomenal! So much so....no yoga instructor here comes even close. So blessed...."  - Karin


" Thank you for this, beautiful strong woman! So much love!" - D.J. Keates


"It was a wonderful week in a magical place! And what a nice group! Thanks so much, Gillian! We truly enjoyed it!" - K Ebhardt


"Even the grumpy French butcher melted away today when I did my shopping and used my love eyes....thank you Gillian and everybody else who joined this wonderful group for a truly magical retreat!" - K Hoyos



"Ok something crazy happened on the yoga retreat. I feel more joy. My empathy well is deeper. Thank You!" - Dr. Euler


"Fand es toll, war sehr schön! Danke für Deine intensiven Yogastunden! Der Dragon Flow und am letzten Tag; das waren für mich die besten. Nicht zu überbieten!" - Dr. Wende


"Hi Gillian, thank you so much for these wonderful days with relaxing yoga, exciting excursions, yummy food and great people. You and Lisa made this Teneriffa trip an excellent experience! Hoping to see you soon!" - Carola


"Before any more time runs away from us I just wanted to say how much both Paul and myself enjoyed the retreat.  It was just what we needed and was a pleasure to join such a nice group of people!" - Tara






Space typically limited to 16 guests or less.


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