What are my classes like?


When I was 16, living in Canada one of our Phys Ed teachers, Mrs. Miller, offered Yoga for a semester. A short introduction to Hatha practice, and a little about pranayama (breathing techniques). This gentle, modest practice  became part of a private ritual to keep me balanced and focused throughout my studies, and the rigorous moving protocol I would be subjected to as my rite of passage.


Edging towards 30 I took an offer to teach fitness classes and inspire a somewhat broken community in Frankfurt, Germany. In the words of Marc Holzman, Europe  "has a heft and a gravitas that is in direct contrast to easy-breezy" North America. There is a beauty that is somewhat intoxicating and seductive, but there is a dense bureaucracy and a dark negativity that leaves a sludge on most aspects of life.  


Cultureless, and in need of community, I honored the call that was yoga and began a journey of learning. Gathering knowlege from different styles, and different gurus. Different types and philosophies combined to create the style of yoga I teach today. But it is a constant journey. It combines life experiences of being a mother, of injuries born of the compression that life brings with it, of the constant feedback of a community of yogis I have grown to love and respect deeply.


In my classes, there's usually a dash of humour, creative sequencing and typically a few drops of sweat. My students are given permission to play in the poses, to keep it accessible. Adapting to moods, bodies, abilities, I try to guide with the kind of inspiration that is current and applicable to our modern day lives. To coax, tease and tickle until you to feel, and breath and find freedom. Of your body, mind, your spirit.  


My deepest wish is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished, and balanced. And maybe, maybe you can be a little kinder to yourself and the people in your universe.


OM Shanti


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"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen" - Ralph Waldo Emerson