About Shine on Yoga

The title "Shine On" is about keeping or finding that inner glow  that elusive Charisma that makes you glow from the inside out.


Dr. Robert Svoboda has a name for the result of constant everyday stress: vata derangement. I love that. It's a great name for an excess of nervous energy, a rushed, fragmented way of functioning. Sound familiar? It's our modern life. Late nights, excessive travel, non-stop stimulation. It's a kind of destabilization in your body, which eventually leads to different levels of emotional and physical dis-ease. It's hard to "glow" when you walk into a room if you barely have enough energy to get through your daily tasks! 


Yoga gives us the opportunity to expand and steady the breath.

Proper breathing is essential to rejuvenation. With a balanced, regular yoga practice, we become reconnected to our body's needs, re-connected to the force that circulates subtle energy in our bodies (prana, chi).


This flow of breath, the action of our limbs, becomes a kind of meditation in motion, freeing up space, and giving us pause from the mind's ceaseless flow of thoughts, words and images.


As awareness grows from within, there's a ripple affect. There's a shift in the way you feel, carry yourself and ultimately how you treat others around you. 


When you induce a calm healing state in your body, you create space for the flow of prana. The easy flow of this energy is what gives you your inner glow, your "shine".

The sequences on this DVD were created with exactly this in mind. To help you shine on, from the inside out!