What are my classes like?


Different styles, gurus, education and philosophies combined to create the style of yoga I teach today.

An introduction to transcendental meditation in Grade 7 (!), a book that came into my life called "the finding of the third eye" by Vera Stanley Alder and an inspired Phys Ed teacher, who offered Yoga for a semester in grade eleven, all conspired to help develop a practice which became part of a private ritual. But it is a constant journey. It combines an insatiable quest for information on the Dao, sacred geometry and great nature. It's life experiences of being a mother, wife, business owner, of injuries born of the compression that life brings with it, of the constant feedback of a community of yogis I have grown to love and respect deeply. It's everything and everyone and it's changing every day.


In my classes, there's always respectful adjustments, creative sequencing, mindful movement of the body, whether it's a flow, yin, or katonah session, and typically a few laughs. My students are invited to use the design of the pose as an archetype, but to keep it accessible. Adapting to bodies and abilities, I try to guide with the kind of inspiration that is current, applicable and cracks a smile.


Until you feel, and breath and find freedom. In body, mind and spirit.  



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